How to settle in to life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular city break destination for holidaymakers who want to make the most of the culture, the food and the shopping experiences that this amazing city state has to offer. And it’s also popular for those who want to move on a more long-term basis as well, perhaps for employment or family reasons. But setting up a new life in HK can take time, and you may find that there are some difficulties when it comes to settling in. This article will share some tips on how you can ensure everything goes smoothly when it comes to moving to Hong Kong.

Learn the language

English is widely spoken in Hong Kong, which makes it an attractive place for Americans who are on the lookout for a city to move to. But Cantonese is also spoken too, and that means you may find yourself experiencing a little bit of culture shock when you open magazines and newspapers written in this language or hear someone speak it. By familiarizing yourself with even just a few words of Cantonese, you’ll feel much more at home straight away – and you’ll be able to have a conversation with the new … Read More

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