Stylish Dog Beds

Dog all of breeds and sizes are considered man’s best pals because of their loyalty, playfulness and appetite. They are pampered and groomed and treated like family. Kids are also very smitten with dogs and consider them as saviours and playmates. Even women now days have a dog as a companion that they treat to spa and showers with ribbons and rhinestone. But the ultimate design that clearly shouts out the message, “I’m cute but don’t mess with me” are camouflaged designed dog accessories.

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Stylish Dog Beds

Camo dog bed are very popular now a days for pet owners who prefers a more unique and manly design. Though these dog beds also come in pink and other pastel color but it still maintain its aura of being used by hunting dogs. There are different sizes of dog bed in pet stores raging from 45cm by 65 cm to 75 cm to 80. Sizes vary depending on the brand. The designs of the camouflaged vary as well. Some even has leaves, barks or pine as designs. The bed itself can be reversible, sofa type, high loft or ringed bed. The best dog bed is something that will benefit the dog when it comes to their comfort.

Besides the bed, another essential and very important dog accessory is the dog collar. The dog collar is very important because other than a fashionable accessory it serves as the dog’s identification. Some collars include a medical information slot in case of emergency. Camo dog collars are preferred by dog owners who want to make their pet look serious and fierce instead of ordinary and cute. It is only practical to invest in a good and sturdy collar especially those who are training their dogs. These collars are partnered by leashes and there are also camoflauged leashes that can complement the camo collar.

Technology of course catches up by addressing dog owners’ need of a more high-tech way of training and monitoring their dogs. This is where digital camo dog collar comes in. There are different kinds of digital collar that can either be used for training or monitoring. Collars that are used from training have sensors that bring about a shock like vibration that is used in dog training. Some may consider this unethical but dogs are not hurt at all if it is properly used and regulated. Another digital collar is use for monitoring its whereabouts and even the number of times the dog has walk. There are even prototype inventions that promise to record the interactions it made with other dogs.

Dogs deserve to be treated once in a while for providing a good job of being a companion and a house guard. Besides giving them enough food, a nice and comfy camo bed would greatly be appreciated by these furry canine creatures. For a more refine and stylish look, they don’t need to be in a dog spa everyday to look the part. A camo collar or a digital camo collar can make any dog look like a million dollar.

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