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Options for mattress toppers

choosing mattress topperHigh-paced developing life has paved the way for the invention and usage of rather high technological products and services for the purpose of modernity, better living condition and good health. Concerning health condition, a sound sleep at night is of utmost importance but is lacking in a number of families, interpreted by a so-called insomnia. Coupled with supplementation of nutrient functional food available in the market, bedding accessories is another essential contributor to the good quality sleeping.

Considered as one of the bedding items, mattress toppers are commonly used in the current time. Generally speaking, a mattress topper is a bedding item acting as an extra layer placed over the existing mattress to soften its firmness and enhance its comfort to users. Other benefit of the mattress topper could be further listed namely protecting the mattress from any other kinds of liquids, dirt or substances thanks to its waterproof capacity and coverings. Furthermore, a mattress topper can be useful in reducing motion and shaking caused by any activities of users in their bed. So, choosing and using the best mattress topper bring all of us great benefits for our health with a very economical way.

An ordinary or luxurious mattress topper will vary in styles and materials ranging from memory foam, wool, down, feather mattress topper and so on. Different made of fabric will differentiate each type and characterize its own various benefits to the users. Users, accordingly, will make their decision based on their usage requirement and other conditions such as budget, type and size of bed, etc.

Wool mattress topper

Among many types mentioned above, wool mattress topper is emerging more and more popular. Implied by the name, a wool mattress topper is made of organic element that is the natural wool, particularly from wool of lamb. Other type is the filling of alpaca mattress topper. Normally, the alpaca is often too thin which can create the over softness of the alpaca mattress topper. To solve the problem, wool could be mixed with alpaca for more firmness and lengthen the time of use for the alpaca mattress topper.

Wool mattress topper
a Wool mattress topper

A wool mattress topper has shared some common advantages with other types, including but not limited to the followings thanks to its own feature of wool filling:

– Firstly, the nature of soft and smooth wool has made the wool mattress topper be able to increase the softness for the firm and hard current mattress of all beds. It, in this case, is the best solution to a compacted and loss of cushion mattress. Moreover, it is more preferred by those who are in trouble with back pain, joint muscle hurt and so on as the effective way of pain release and comfort.

– Secondly, in terms of scientific research, wool is the natural material which is capable of absorbing the moisture, especially the body sweat as well as adjusting the heating of the body. It is obviously realized that wool is best for summer in terms of cool feeling and suitable for winter as of being warm. Therefore, a wool mattress topper is the good option for any kinds of weather all year round.

– Thirdly, it is confirmed that no allergy could be found with the filled wool mattress topper thanks to wool purity and modern and hygienic processing manufacture. Moreover, the mattress topper will be against any kinds of bug, mite and mold or insect which are going to be familiar with bedding accessories. Consequently, wool is considered as clean and green fabric in making beddings as no chemicals, dying substance or even toxins will be used in all kinds of wool filled product.

Above are main benefits of using wool topper, you can visit www.thebestmattresstopper.com to read more about wool mattress topper or anything else about choosing and using mattress topper.

Some disadvantages of Wool topper

However, the other opposite sides of wool mattress topper, meaning its disadvantages are as follows:

– A wool mattress topper is relatively expensive in price comparison in the market of bedding mattress accessories.

– Even though a wool mattress topper will not become worn out for times to use, some cheap wool mattress topper will have the shorter durability only after some frequent seasons of use.

– A wool mattress topper will require steam or dry cleaning method rather than hand or washing machine. An improper cleaning mean will directly lead to reduction in softness and comfort. Care for cleaning and storage makes the wool mattress topper hard to maintain during the periods of use.


In a nutshell, a wool mattress topper has both of its plus and minus points for using and storing. Reviews from customers and detailed information presented above can somehow respectively reveal the overweight of its pros to its cons. Hence, a wool mattress topper is highly advised to use for any kinds of more bedding comfort and softness by users ever out there. In a view of that, a great hope that a ready to use or a tailor made wool mattress topper could benefit you a lot if you once try it is definitely believable.

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