10 Equipment Must Carry When You Go Abroad

In recent years, many airlines offer cheap tickets to a number of cities at home and abroad. With that offer, vacation abroad is no longer a dream that is difficult to achieve. Especially for those of you who love backpacker.
But in addition to airplane tickets, there are a number of items that you must prepare when going on vacation abroad. Here are ten main equipment.

1. Backpack and small bag
When on vacation abroad, it’s good that you don’t use a suitcase to pack goods. In addition to its heavy weight, a luggage bag must enter the baggage. That means you have to spend vacation time waiting for the suitcase to come out of the trunk.
While with a backpack, in addition to the weight that is not as heavy as a suitcase, you can run easily when you have to chase the transport that will be boarded.
Then a small bag, its existence is also very helpful for you to save documents and valuables during the trip. This bag is relatively safe from ignorant hands, because he is always attached to the body. Unlike a suitcase or backpack that is free from your grip at any time.

2. Passport
His name is also a holiday abroad, so a passport must participate with you. And before leaving, first check the validity period. Do not expire your passport within six months. if so, then you cannot cross the airport Immigration section.

3. Mobile phones with international roaming
Even though it is a vacation, it does not mean that you are breaking up with friends and family. Especially if you are active on Twitter or Facebook. Therefore, always carry mobile phones that are equipped with international roaming facilities.

4. Cellphone charger
The cellphone has been taken, but don’t forget to also carry a charger to charge the battery. Although the shape is small, but the charger is the connection to the life of the cellphone. In our daily activities, it is not uncommon for us to be awkward when we are aware of not carrying a charger.
Especially during holidays abroad. Because it’s not easy to find a cellphone accessories store that provides chargers according to your cellphone needs.

5. Foreign currency
Before leaving, first make sure the currency applies in your destination country. Some cities in the world use certain currencies but are rarely used as a transaction tool. For example, Siam Reap, Cambodia, which uses the Riel currency, but the transactions used are US dollars.

6. Medications
Have or do not have allergies, you should bring a drug supply. Such as cold medicine, dizziness, stomach ulcers, cold medicine, external medicine, rubbing oil, and multivitamins.
In addition to being easily tired when traveling, temperatures and weather that are different from Indonesia trigger the body susceptible to disease. And in the destination country, you don’t necessarily have the drug supply you normally consume.

7. Itinerary and copy of important documents
Before leaving for a vacation, it’s a good idea to plan a trip or an itinerary. When at a vacation location, you do not have to check in to follow the itinerary that has been compiled. But the trip plan can give you an idea of ​​places that are worth visiting.
While copying important documents will really help you if you have problems, such as kecopetan. Not a few stories if your passport and identity card are lost on a pick-up during your vacation. With that copy, you still have a backup of documents when dealing with the authorities.

8. Sufficient clothing
Calculate carefully the number of days of your vacation, and adjust to the clothes to be used. If necessary, do not carry too many subordinates or pants. in addition to the pants used when departing, in the bag just carry one pair of pants, some shorts, a skirt (if you are a girl), and a number of superiors, preferably a shirt.

9. Jackets and sandals
In addition to holding cold temperatures inside the plane, the jacket also serves to protect the body from weather changes during the holidays. While sandals are suitable for traveling through the city. So that your feet do not continue to be wrapped in shoes and can breathe.

10. International converter
In many countries, the shape of the socket is not the same as in Indonesia, two holes. Some countries use three sockets or strip holes. In order for a gadget to be charged with an electric charge, it’s a good idea to have your international converter with a variety of plugs. So you can connect your gadget to various contacts.