How Expensive is Madrid to Plan a Trip

Before traveling to any city such as Madrid, it is a good thing to research the cost of things in such a city to determine whether such a city is expensive or not, and this will also help you plan your budget very well before you travel.

Madrid is considered by many not as expensive as many European cities, but it is good to find out yourself and this is the analysis of the cost of things in the city:

1.  Accommodation

In Madrid, you can get decent accommodation without having to spend much money. With as little as 60 US dollars, you can get yourself a decent double room accommodation. Agoda is one of the sites where you can make hotel reservations if you are traveling to Madrid in Spain.

2.  Transportation

One of the benefits of traveling is that you get to experience and learn about new things, but for this to be possible, you need a mode of transportation for it to pull through. In Madrid, the public transportation system is very cheap, and a single metro train can cost about 2 US dollars, while 10 tickets reserved for families can cost about 14 US dollars.

3.  Food

Spain is known to have one of the best foods a foreigner would like to taste, but even if you are not a foreigner and you want to take a trip home, it is still good to know the current cost of things there.

Except if you want to get the best foods in Madrid, 15$ can fetch you a decent meal for the day. You can get a snack for as low as $7 in McDonald’s, and also, a set menu in a normal restaurant is between $10-$15. If you need a drink, you can get a small draft beer for $2.

Classifications of Expenses

The way peoplebudget money is different from each other, and so the way that people spend their money while in Madrid can be categorized into 2 which are:

·        Luxury Trip

You will spend much more than someone on a budget for those who want to go to Madrid on a luxury trip. As a single person, someone traveling in luxury is expected to spend about $300 to $2000 a day on food, transport, and accommodation. Most luxury travelers like to travel with hired taxis or cars, which can cost a lot of money.

·        Budget Trip

A person traveling on a budget spends less on food, accommodation, and transport. If the traveler uses the train system, it will help save a lot of money. A single person traveling on a budget in Madrid will spend between $80 to $200 every day. How expensive your journey to Madrid will depend on how long you want to be there and how much you are willing to spend on the trip. You can either spend on a budget or in luxury, whichever one; the following above is how expensive a trip to Madrid can be depending on your spending behavior.