How to create cool DVD slideshows easily?

Are you looking to create DVD slideshows with your latest photos and videos? It could be that you wish to create a slideshow of your college farewell party. It could also be that you have just returned from a trip and now wish to do something edgy with your holiday photos. Well, whatever be theme of your photos, you will need to have a good slideshow maker here. If you are looking for suggestions on the best possible slideshow maker in the current tech scene- Movavi Slideshow Maker will be a great option here. Movavi is an internationally recognized software developer and its slideshow maker has earned rave reviews for superior functionality and easy usability.

The post below offers a brief on how to make DVD slideshow with the help of Movavi Slideshow Maker

Download & install

Your first task here is to download and install the Movavi software in your system.

Select working mode

You can create slideshow in two modes here – Easy mode & Full Feature Mode. The second mode will be handy when you want to be more creative with the slideshow.

  • Creating in Easy Mode:

Upload your photos or videos

Go to Files tab & click on +Files tab. It will allow you to add the images you want in your slideshow to Movavi working area.

Add music

The next step will be to add music to your slideshow. If you want to use music from your own collection, click on +Music. But you can also choose audio clips from Movavi’s library.

Add transitions

Click on Transitions tab and select the most suitable transition style. Transitions will help to main a smooth continuity in between the slides.

Get preview

It’s better to check the slideshow beforehand to ensure you will be able to save the perfect slideshow that you wish to create. Click on Preview tab & tap on Fit to music length. It will enable you to customize your video according to length of audio clip. Then click on “Fit to Frame” to cut out unsightly black bars right from the slides. Now, you will only need to play slideshow in Movavi’s preview window.

  • Creating in Full Feature mode

Add your files

Select your pictures and videos for the slideshow by clicking on Add Media Files.

Insert transition, audio clips and titles

You can add transitions by clicking on Transitions tab.

Then, tap on Import tab & click on Add Media Files. It will allow you to insert music into your slideshow. If you want to add titles as well, just click on Titles tab.

Save the slideshow in DVD format

As you wish to create slideshow for DVD, burn the slideshow for DVD and in no seconds your DVD slideshow will be ready for you.