How to learn faster language Skills go to Visiting Russia

The country of Russia is even more famous after the opportunity to host the 2018 World Cup. People from all over the world come there to support their favorite national team. However, not a few tourists who plan to Visiting Russia for other tourist destinations or expeditions.

Visiting Russia

For those of you who are planning a vacation to Russia, it would be nice for you to prepare the following 5 things so that your trip is easy. What are they?

1. Learn the basics of Russian chat

Most of the Russian population uses their native language to converse. Moreover, only a few of them are fluent in English. You will also find place names, route directions, and other general explanations written in Russian.

So it means that you really recognize this language, even if only a little. If you still have trouble, bring a dictionary or a Russian chat guide book to help you talk to the locals.

2. Survive in extreme cold weather

We already know that Russia is one of the coldest countries in the world. There the cold season lasts longer than the hot season. The air temperature can reach minus 40 degrees Celsius. If you come to this country when winter comes, prepare equipment that can help you survive amidst the extreme cold weather, such as fur coats and hats, boots, scarves and gloves.

If your body can’t stand very cold weather, come there when the hot season comes.

3. Understand the transportation system there

Russia has a fairly good transportation system. The Moscow Metro is an express vehicle that is very widely used by residents there. This transport has more than 10 roads and hundreds of stations. Your trip will be greatly helped if you understand how it operates and which routes it misses. Ask local officers or friends who have stopped there on this transportation.

Even though it’s not as popular as the metro, you can also use taxis or universal buses, you know.

4. The method of adjusting to the Russian people

The personalities and habits of the Russian population differ greatly from those of Indonesians. If all this time you think smiling is a form of hospitality, Russians think it’s the opposite. They won’t smile at strangers without a clear alibi because that’s a sign of stupidity.

Find data on how to mingle with Russians before you visit there so you don’t experience culture shock later.

5. Identifying halal food for Muslim tourists

Unlike in Indonesia, maybe you will have a little trouble finding halal products because most people in Russia are not Muslim. You have to be selective in choosing food. First ask the seller of the ingredients and seasonings for the food to ensure that it is halal.

Even safer, you can look up data on halal restaurants that you can stop at while traveling in Russia.

Are you ready to visit Red Bear Country? Prepare the 5 things above in advance so that your journey continues to be safe. good luck!