Three tips for visiting an Amsterdam art museum

Amsterdam is home to more than 60 museums. This means that it is a great destination for art lovers. It doesn’t matter what kind of museums you like. You are guaranteed to find the best museums for you. Do you like modern art? Then a visit to Moco Museum should definitely be on your list. Maybe you would like to see Van Gogh’s sunflowers up close? Then you must visit the Van Gogh museum. And even if you are not really into art, there are a lot of museums in the city you will want to visit. In this blog post, you will find three tips to make your visit to an Amsterdam art museum the best experience possible.

Find out what kind of museum you like

With so much choice, there is bound to be an Amsterdam art museum you will like. Alongside Moco Museum, modern art lovers can also visit the Stedelijk Museum or NXT Museum for a good dose of modern and contemporary art. If you like photography, you should pay a visit to FOAM Amsterdam. And what about visiting one of the beautiful old houses on the canals? There are several Amsterdam art museums situated in historical houses like this. Are you not in to art, but do you love films? Then EYE film museum is the place for you. It is important to figure out what you would like to see before booking your tickets for an Amsterdam art museum.

Buy your tickets in advance

If you are visiting an art museum in Amsterdam, a good tip is to book your tickets in advance. Popular museums like Moco Museum or Stedelijk Museum usually have very long lines at the ticket counters, especially during summertime when the tourist season is at its peak. You can easily book your tickets online in advance to avoid this queue. Most museums offer separate access for people who have booked their tickets in advance. This means less waiting time for you, and more time spent inside the museum.

Visit the museum at a good time

Another way you can avoid crowds is by choosing the time you visit a museum carefully. It is usually much more quiet inside Amsterdam art museums in the mornings and late afternoons. Most museums are open from 10 or 11 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The mornings or afternoons are therefore a great time to visit an Amsterdam art museum, as it will be a lot less busy at these times.