Want to be comfortable and enjoy being a solo traveler? Watch This Guide!

Want to try being a solo traveler because of the assumption that solo traveling is more economical? In fact, more than that, solo traveling is one method that can share a satisfying and exciting traveling experience, you know. The reason is, we are free to determine the destination when we are a solo traveler. Not only that, we can also learn to be more independent, to practice adaptability skills. And of course it’s very likely that we will get new acquaintances, because being a solo traveler will make us more in touch with strangers

solo traveler

Ready to go solo traveling? Eits, wait a minute! There are several things that must be observed and prepared, before we become a solo traveler. Anything? Let’s follow the tips in this base.

Not only making up our minds, we must also remember to prepare everything first, before leaving for solo travel.

1. Prepare the Itinerary in Detail

The initial solo traveling guide that we have to go through is to prepare an itinerary as complete and detailed as possible. Departing alone is indeed more instant, but certainly does not reduce the preparation. We need to write notes of destinations and places we want to visit during our trip. Careful preparation will make our trip more comfortable and safe, especially when we go alone.

2. Undergo a Destination Study

After compiling the itinerary, we also need to do an in-depth study for each destination. Not just address data, opening hours, and ticket prices. But more than that, look for some discussion from some tourists beforehand about the place, especially the discussion that is not good. Seeing the bad side of a destination is a solo traveling guide to help us manage risks and control expectations about the destination.

3. Make an Online Order

If there are some destinations that require ticket reservations, we can order them online as much as possible. That way, when we get there the tickets are in hand, and we no longer need to queue. This guide to being a solo traveler also applies to hotel reservations, tourist attractions, to ordering supporting equipment such as mobile WiFi or renting a vehicle at the destination, yes!

4. Efficient Packing

The guide to becoming the next solo traveler who is often left alone is to bring things as needed. Remember, bringing too many objects will make our expedition more tiring. Take into account your clothing needs while traveling solo, and only bring things that you really need. Don’t forget to also think about the weather aspect so that our expedition is always comfortable.

5. Must Make No Emergency Records!

So solo traveler, don’t have time to leave without this one guide. We must prepare several telephone numbers that can be contacted when conditions are not good or emergency. Some of the numbers that need to be prepared are the numbers of the closest relatives, the telephone numbers of the police station, the nearest hospital, and the telephone number of the Indonesian embassy if we are solo traveling abroad.

6. Bring enough cash

Some people may just be lazy to carry cash for security reasons. It’s not wrong, but keep in mind that not all places accept non-cash payments. So, bringing cash is a guide to being a solo traveler that you must try. The amount does not have to be missed, really! It’s pretty easy to calculate roughly how much money we need in one day, then just multiply it by the duration of the expedition. We can use some of this cash to buy food, fare, or buy travel tickets that cannot be purchased online.