What is the best way to sow grass?

Designing your garden is at least as difficult as designing your house. There are secretly many things to think about. Where is the sun, do you want only a lounge set or also a dining table? Do you want a lot of tiles in your garden or do you want a lot of green and grass? The latter obviously requires more maintenance, because you don’t want lawn weeds to grow in your garden, but it is often a lot cozier. Apart from designing your garden, building and maintaining it is also a big job. You can hire gardeners, but to save money you can also do it yourself. This is not only great fun, but with the right tips it is also not difficult at all. Below we explain how you can sow grass with grass seed yourself. This can be the first step to your homemade dream garden!


A well-sown lawn should, of course, be timed properly. In principle it does not matter very much when you sow the grass, the seeds will only germinate when the conditions are right. It is, however, more verstading to sow the grass when the growing conditions are good, because then you don’t run the risk of birds picking up the seeds. Grass seed needs a minimum temperature of ten degrees Celsius to germinate. This means that the soil must be ten degrees, this is different from the outside temperature. There must also be sufficient moisture in your lawn. Grass seed only germinates when it becomes moist and lives on its own for the first two weeks. After two weeks, the grass seed only takes root and from that moment on it is firmly established in your lawn.

What types of grass?

There are different types of gas taps, which naturally also include different types of grass seed. Each grass seed has different properties and is suitable for different purposes. First, you have an ornamental lawn, with this type of lawn it serves as a decorative piece and is not actually walked on. Then there is a sports lawn, think for example of soccer fields. Just like sports lawns, playing lawns are also walked on a lot. These two types must therefore be able to withstand intensive use. Choose a grass seed that suits the purpose of your lawn to keep it beautiful for as long as possible and that is of course exactly what you want.